W2S2 [rıtʃ] adj comparative richer superlative richest
2¦(large amount)¦
3¦(full of interest)¦
10 that's rich (coming from him/you etc)
[: Old English; Origin: rice]
1.) ¦(WEALTHY)¦
a) someone who is rich has a lot of money and valuable possessions
≠ ↑poor
one of the richest women in America
She found herself a rich husband.
He thought this was the easiest way to get rich .
the rich nations of the world
fabulously rich BrE
She was both beautiful and fabulously rich.
His brother's stinking rich (=very rich, in a way that you do not approve of) .
b) the rich [plural]
people who are rich
houses belonging to the rich and famous
containing a lot of something
rich in
Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C.
oxygen-rich/nutrient-rich/protein-rich etc
Pregnant women should eat protein-rich foods.
Rich mineral deposits have been found in the sea bed.
Red meat is a rich source of iron.
full of interesting or important facts, events, or ideas
the rich literary tradition of England
The area has a very rich history.
rich in
a story that was rich in detail
4.) ¦(FOOD)¦
rich food contains a lot of butter, cream, or eggs, which make you feel full very quickly
≠ ↑light
a rich fruit cake
The sauce was very rich.
a rich smell or flavour is strong and pleasant
the rich scent of the pine trees
meat with a wonderfully rich flavour
a rich, fruity wine
6.) ¦(COLOUR)¦
a rich colour is strong and attractive
a rich dark brown colour
7.) ¦(SOUND)¦
a rich sound is low and pleasant
the rich tone of a cello
He laughed with a rich, throaty chuckle.
8.) ¦(SOIL)¦
rich soil is good for growing plants in
≠ ↑poor
Vegetables grow well in the rich, black soil.
9.) ¦(CLOTH)¦
rich cloth is expensive and beautiful
She stroked the rich velvet of the dress enviously.
10.) that's rich (coming from him/you etc)
BrE spoken used to say that what someone has said is unreasonable and that they are criticizing you for doing something that they do themselves
He accused me of being dishonest, which was a bit rich coming from him.
WORD CHOICE: rich, well-off, wealthy, affluent, prosperous
Rich is a very direct way of saying that someone has a lot of money and possessions : one of the richest women in America
Well-off means fairly rich, so you can buy most things. People are more likely to describe themselves as 'well-off' than 'rich' : My parents were pretty well-off.
Wealthy is a slightly more formal word meaning rich, especially over a long period of time : He came from a wealthy family.
Affluent and prosperous are fairly formal words, often used to describe societies where the economy is successful and the standard of living is good.
Affluent means rich enough to have things like expensive cars and holidays : People are becoming increasingly affluent.
Prosperous means rich and successful : the more prosperous regions of the country

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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